Mega Volume Lash Training

Mega volume on a client
Train at Eclipse Aesthetics Boutique to become certified through Bella Lash!


Currently enrolled in a cosmetology or esthetics program? Contact us on how to receive a student discount! 


Classes are 2 days, 16 hours. Class is held on Friday-Saturday or Sunday-Monday from 9am-5pm. The first day covers theory, hands on learning, and mannequin application. The second day will cover theory, social media and business tips, hands on practice, and a model. Students will need to provide their own model and will have 4 hours to complete their first full set. 

Students will need to complete a total of 5 models (1 in class and 4 in their own time) to receive their Bella Certificate! 

Bella has a 3 step training process

1. Online Training  - this will be completed prior to entering the classroom.  

2. Hands on Training - 2 days of detailed in depth learning with a certified instructor. 

3. Certification - student is capable and proficient to begin charging.

Course Curriculum 

Product Knowledge 

Tape/Pad Application 

Tweezer Techniques 

Adhesive Overview 

Humidity Levels/Do’s and Don’ts


Station Set Up

Reactions vs Allergies 

When not to Lash 

Lash Growth 

How to Identify Damage

Five Fanning Techniques

Mega Volume Glue Dipping 

Mega Volume Wrap 

Mega Volume Lash Placement 

Mega Volume Weight & Diameters 

Lash Mapping/Eye Shapes

Client Consultation/Aftercare

How to Safely Remove Extensions

Full Sets vs Fills 

Different Clientele Markets 

and more! 

Feel Confident Leaving Class with: 

Marketing Knowledge

How to Grow Your New Lash Biz

Social Media and Business Tips 

What to Charge


Mannequin and Model Practice 

Continued Support with Your Instructor, Lexie! 

Kits Include: 

​Lash adhesive, marble lash tile, jade stone, tape, 3 tweezers, microswabs, mascara wands, lint free applicators, gel under eye pads, primer, sealant, cleanser, lash trays, folder with consent forms, client cards, and class schedule along with a mannequin head, sponges, and practice lashes! Students will be able to receive a discount code to use when ordering from Bella as well!



2023 Training Dates:

 MAY 12-13

JUNE 11-12

JULY 7-8

JULY 23-24




Price $1500

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